Swimwear for small bust

The girl who can not boast of a big bust, it is better to choose a swimsuit, which expands the problem figure. It can be solid or two-piece, but always with a bright accent on the chest. Top, decorated with flounces, fringes, frills, ruffles or different embellishments that will look great on the figure with modest forms at the top. Absolutely a win-win – model puch up (push-up). The trend of this season is the bandeau style is perfect for a small chest. It provides the perfect tan without marks from straps and laces, and a variety of visually makes the ruffle bust high and lush.

Swimwear for large Breasts

To choose a swimsuit on the figure, if the breast is large, it is possible. The straps of this swimsuit should be wide, and the cups tight enough. It looks harmonious and creates comfort. Sporty style and classic is welcome, but the bikini models have to forget.

How to choose a swimsuit for sports figures

Sports figure will look more gentle and feminine, if you choose a swimsuit with romantic prints, ruffles, rhinestones, bows, lace.

How to choose a swimsuit to hide belly

Appeared the tummy and folds at the back can be hidden if you wear a slimming one-piece swimsuit with low cut back. Models two swimsuit should be high-waisted bottoms that will make the abdomen more flat. The Drapes over the problem areas will reduce them visually. Deep neckline and open neckline will focus on the attention.

How to choose a swimsuit if you have wide shoulders

The owners of broad shoulders will fit one-piece swimsuit with a vertical pattern on the sides, the hips will visually increase, and the figure is closer to an hourglass shape. Will look good asymmetric model with a strap over one shoulder. Have separate bathing suit bottoms can be bright colors with ruffles or skirt.

How to choose a swimsuit if full hips

A proper coloring of the swimsuit will help to wide hips seem to have. The top of this swimsuit should be lighter than the bottom. A bold pattern and finish the bodice using draping, ruffles and frills will visually increase the breast and thus make a figure proportional.

Visually, you can increase the length of the legs, if you select a leotard with thin straps or a high neckline to the hips. Legs will seem slimmer if the pattern on the swimsuit will be placed along.

Swimwear for larger women

For the fuller figure you need to choose a swimsuit made of fabric with a high content of lycra in cool shades. A reliable breast support will provide the bones on the bodice. The neckline on the hips should be the average, but the neckline can be deep that visually elongates the figure. To avoid transverse-mounted drawings, bright colors and thin straps. It is better if the size of the swimsuit will be slightly higher, then all the flaws will be safely hidden.