Advice 1: How to choose a swimsuit for small Breasts

Despite the fact that swimsuit, in contrast to regular clothes, opened the body, they can also serve to disguise figure flaws. In particular, there are special models designed for girls with small Breasts.
How to choose a swimsuit for small Breasts

The guidelines for choosing a swimsuit

The first thing to remember is that the bodice should ideally be the right size. Sometimes girls with very small Breasts buy tankini swimsuit with bra more than you need, size, to visually increase bust. However, the effect is just the opposite: the swimsuit looks ridiculous and only highlights the undesirable features of the figure.
Note that there are many bras that fit the size of the owners of a small bust, but do increase it at the expense of a dense thick cups.

It is very important to choose the right shade of swimsuit. The upper part should be light and the bottom dark. This helps to create the illusion of a larger bust and small buttocks. This option is excellent for trim pieces and visual fixes its shortcomings. You can try to combine parts of different swimsuits to choose a continuous model with gradient or a sharp transition from dark to light.

Beautiful swimsuit for small Breasts

An excellent option for girls with a small bust a swimsuit with a bodice embellished with beading, sequins, ruffles or other elements. You can view photos of such models to select the best option and to decorate the bodice. You can also buy the finished product with the decorations.
Original decor, of course, draws attention to the bust, however due to the volume of components it allows you to visually enlarge Breasts. By the way, this option is ideal for those who want to hide the buttocks or thighs.

Make sure you pay attention on the model with a push-up effect and gel liners. They raise the Breasts, giving it a beautiful shape, create the desired volume. While gel liners if necessary can be removed.

A good option would be a swimsuit with prints. If you choose this option, do not buy a bodice with a small pattern or horizontal stripes. Suitable large patterns, vertical stripes, applique, pattern, imitating the pattern of a skin of a leopard or Zebra.

Girls with small Breasts perfect swimsuit bandeau. It holds great without the additional straps, however, to emphasize the beauty of the figure and enlarge Breasts visually, you can choose a model with a cloth covering the neck. They look very beautiful and harmonious, but due to the peculiarities also make the Breasts more attractive.

Advice 2: How to decorate a swimsuit

Summer is a time not only the holidays and Golden beaches, but also the beginning of the annual competition for the title of "Sirens of the Sea". Beautiful women dressed in trendy swimwearand tourists and drive men crazy. Girls trying hard to be on top: light makeup, flowers lilies in her hair, impeccable tan, a stunning manicure and pedicure, the perfect figure. Only one problem on the horizon – the choice of a leotard. Follow fashion designers every season – expensive for the wallet, so the best way to stand out and look chic, will be a swimsuit, embellished their hands.
How to decorate a swimsuit
You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors, needles, thread;
  • - pieces of fabric, chiffon, lace;
  • shells;
  • - decorative flowers;
  • - fittings;
  • glue rhinestones, beads.
The game of contrasts. If you have in the closet gathering dust one-piece swimsuit "bandeau" colors of the sea vests with detachable straps, you are the owner of a wonderful instance. The highlight will be a large applique of bright red color.Cut out a red fabric heart. Now tonal lace make a long string with ruffles. Gently nativite ruffles cascade on the heart, from bottom to top. You will get surround air applications. Then pristrochite heart panel swimsuit, this can be done on the sewing machine or manually overlock seam.
Floral garden. Certainly, a plain white swimsuit looks too boring. To add color and mischief will be able bright decorative flowers. They can be removed with pins (ranging from small orchids to large dahlias) or purchased at the Department of accessories in fabric stores. Attach the decorations with a needle and monofilament, the cups closer to-there straps suspend, the bikini – closer to the side seam or drawstring. Floral swimsuit will not leave anyone indifferent.
Shell. Every summer vacation you are sure to bring a couple of bracelets made of shells, which lie then. They can create a unique way if you use them for two-piece "bikini" or "halter", bodily or blue. Embroidered cups small shells, and on the ends of the drawstring panties clip big jewelry with the help of limit switches or the holders of the pendants.
Diamond. The swimsuit model is the private "plunge" looks amazing due to the deep cut front and back. Such cutouts can be decorated with rhinestones – large and small in the form of drops. One restriction: choose glue rhinestones of the same color. Multicolor "glitter" will look childish, and, for example, large white crystals, or rhinestones, chameleon will transform you into a Royal diamond on a Golden beach.
Pythons and leopards. Girls always like predatory colors, and to update a swimsuit seems almost impossible. Almost, because such a thing is already attracting all the attention to the owner. But there are secrets. Use accessories, such as metal rings and rectangles, decorated with rhinestones. They can be fastened in the joints of the side seams bikinis and panties, and also between the top edge of the cups and straps.
Keep in mind, if you decorate a swimsuit with seashells, bulk flowers and other protruding or fragile accessories, then lie on the stomach, you can not. Otherwise you'll ruin all your hard work.
Useful advice
Colorful colors of swimwear can be supplemented by the production of a short skirt of solid chiffon.

Advice 3: How does the breast size

Breast size is an important characteristic of the female figure, which should be carefully measured in order to adequately pick up linen and clothes. However, to distinguish one size from another it is possible "by eye".
How does the breast size
To determine the size of a woman's Breasts can be different degree of accuracy: approx this can be done by comparing it with one or another similar in shape and size of the object and an accurate measurement - with the tape measure and simple calculations.

Approximate sizing

Experts say that approximately determine the size of bust particular woman the easiest way, mentally comparing it with a pair of fruit of corresponding size and shape. So, a size zero can be associated with kiwi, the first apples of medium size and one with oranges with grapefruit. Identification of a fourth size will require more serious associations, such as coconuts. Fifth bust size comparable to a pair of medium pineapples, and sixth with small melons.

Accurate determination of the size of

However, for more serious tasks, such as choosing appropriate underwear that will not dig into the body but at the same time provide optimal breast support, such rough estimates are clearly insufficient. In this case, you will need to make accurate measurements, to make that easier just by using the tape measure.

First we need to measure the circumference of woman torso directly under the Breasts. In this case the tape must be sufficiently pressed firmly against the measured area. The second parameter that should be measured - the actual coverage of the breast. It should be measured by attaching a tape measure to the outermost points - nipples. In addition, you must ensure that the rest of the tape does not SAG and remains parallel to the floor, as in this case, you will be able to get the best qualitative measurement.

The availability of information on these two parameters is sufficient to accurately calculate breast size women. To do this, from the bust to take away the volume under the chest. The result should be assessed on the following scale. So, if it has a value of from 10 to 11 inches, this means that this woman has zero bust size. The magnitude of the difference ranging from 12 to 13 inches, corresponds to the first size of the bust. If the average is from 14 to 15 inches, we are talking about the second breast size, 16-17 centimeters - about a third, from 18 to 19 inches - on the fourth, 20-21 centimeter - about five.

While the described method of assessment of size indicates that there is no direct relationship between bust size and weight or body type women. So fragile a girl can be a size five, and a woman of solid build - the second.

Advice 4: How to choose the right swimsuit for the summer

Soon the summer, and consequently the relaxation, sun, sea and beach. Many people leave for warmer climes, to bask in the sun or to show their beautiful figure, on which he worked for a long time. But how to choose a beautiful swimsuit for your figure, when there are so many options?
How to choose the right swimsuit for the summer

Choice, the right swimsuit, it is worth considering in two-three months before the onset of heat, as it is a very responsible process. Choosing the right swimsuit depends on the type of your figure.

The figure of "hourglass"

If you figure "hourglass", then you have a small waist but voluminous Breasts and thighs, then you need a swimsuit that best expresses your strengths and will support them. Therefore, you will suit swimsuit with pretty wide straps and bottom of the swimsuit with a large amount of fabric from the back side. Another note on top bikini with a corset or boning. Welcome to the neckline in the form of a V. you can use any Color, but it is advisable to choose the minimum figures, since such prints are not visually increase your volume.

The figure of "pear"

The type of shape where girls have narrow shoulders, in most cases, small Breasts, and volume trouble. Owners of such figures need to balance the top and bottom of his body. For this, the upper part of the swimsuit needs to be more voluminous, for example, is decorated with ruches, flounces or ruffles. The bottom, on the contrary, have to hide the extra volume to have a simple design and not stand out with bright colors or prints. The only thing you can afford is a broad horizontal stripe.

The figure of "rectangle"

A figure many men call "devoid of femininity". They attribute this to the fact that the owners of such a figure, no waist and quite thin, and therefore, unappetizing. We believe it is necessary to prove the opposite. Although you can find a swimsuit on a figure is easy enough, we will give some tips that definitely work. Girls with such shapes you need to buy swimwear that will highlight the waist, and you can afford any print and any ruffles or flounces. The only restriction is the height of swimsuit without the straps: this top will only emphasize your square figure.

Advice 5: What swimsuit to choose all the nuances

Summer holiday in a foreign resort, a country cottage or the nearest body of water is impossible without a properly sized swimsuit. This element of women's wardrobe needs to be trendy, well sit on the figure, to emphasize her strengths and hide small imperfections.
What swimsuit to choose all the nuances

Swimwear for small bust

The girl who can not boast of a big bust, it is better to choose a swimsuit, which expands the problem figure. It can be solid or two-piece, but always with a bright accent on the chest. Top, decorated with flounces, fringes, frills, ruffles or different embellishments that will look great on the figure with modest forms at the top. Absolutely a win-win – model puch up (push-up). The trend of this season is the bandeau style is perfect for a small chest. It provides the perfect tan without marks from straps and laces, and a variety of visually makes the ruffle bust high and lush.

Swimwear for large Breasts

To choose a swimsuit on the figure, if the breast is large, it is possible. The straps of this swimsuit should be wide, and the cups tight enough. It looks harmonious and creates comfort. Sporty style and classic is welcome, but the bikini models have to forget.

How to choose a swimsuit for sports figures

Sports figure will look more gentle and feminine, if you choose a swimsuit with romantic prints, ruffles, rhinestones, bows, lace.

How to choose a swimsuit to hide belly

Appeared the tummy and folds at the back can be hidden if you wear a slimming one-piece swimsuit with low cut back. Models two swimsuit should be high-waisted bottoms that will make the abdomen more flat. The Drapes over the problem areas will reduce them visually. Deep neckline and open neckline will focus on the attention.

How to choose a swimsuit if you have wide shoulders

The owners of broad shoulders will fit one-piece swimsuit with a vertical pattern on the sides, the hips will visually increase, and the figure is closer to an hourglass shape. Will look good asymmetric model with a strap over one shoulder. Have separate bathing suit bottoms can be bright colors with ruffles or skirt.

How to choose a swimsuit if full hips

A proper coloring of the swimsuit will help to wide hips seem to have. The top of this swimsuit should be lighter than the bottom. A bold pattern and finish the bodice using draping, ruffles and frills will visually increase the breast and thus make a figure proportional.

Visually, you can increase the length of the legs, if you select a leotard with thin straps or a high neckline to the hips. Legs will seem slimmer if the pattern on the swimsuit will be placed along.

Swimwear for larger women

For the fuller figure you need to choose a swimsuit made of fabric with a high content of lycra in cool shades. A reliable breast support will provide the bones on the bodice. The neckline on the hips should be the average, but the neckline can be deep that visually elongates the figure. To avoid transverse-mounted drawings, bright colors and thin straps. It is better if the size of the swimsuit will be slightly higher, then all the flaws will be safely hidden.


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