The guidelines for choosing a swimsuit

The first thing to remember is that the bodice should ideally be the right size. Sometimes girls with very small Breasts buy tankini swimsuit with bra more than you need, size, to visually increase bust. However, the effect is just the opposite: the swimsuit looks ridiculous and only highlights the undesirable features of the figure.
Note that there are many bras that fit the size of the owners of a small bust, but do increase it at the expense of a dense thick cups.

It is very important to choose the right shade of swimsuit. The upper part should be light and the bottom dark. This helps to create the illusion of a larger bust and small buttocks. This option is excellent for trim pieces and visual fixes its shortcomings. You can try to combine parts of different swimsuits to choose a continuous model with gradient or a sharp transition from dark to light.

Beautiful swimsuit for small Breasts

An excellent option for girls with a small bust a swimsuit with a bodice embellished with beading, sequins, ruffles or other elements. You can view photos of such models to select the best option and to decorate the bodice. You can also buy the finished product with the decorations.
Original decor, of course, draws attention to the bust, however due to the volume of components it allows you to visually enlarge Breasts. By the way, this option is ideal for those who want to hide the buttocks or thighs.

Make sure you pay attention on the model with a push-up effect and gel liners. They raise the Breasts, giving it a beautiful shape, create the desired volume. While gel liners if necessary can be removed.

A good option would be a swimsuit with prints. If you choose this option, do not buy a bodice with a small pattern or horizontal stripes. Suitable large patterns, vertical stripes, applique, pattern, imitating the pattern of a skin of a leopard or Zebra.

Girls with small Breasts perfect swimsuit bandeau. It holds great without the additional straps, however, to emphasize the beauty of the figure and enlarge Breasts visually, you can choose a model with a cloth covering the neck. They look very beautiful and harmonious, but due to the peculiarities also make the Breasts more attractive.