If the parents noticed the child changes or atypical manifestations in behavior, it is necessary to consult a doctor neuropsychiatrist. Experts have identified the common symptoms of mental disorders in children, such as increased anxiety, the emergence of fears and obsessive movements, frequently changing mood, aggression and complete disregard for the rules of behavior, strange movements, a deviation in the development of thinking, children's schizophrenia. Experts say that the prevalence children's mental disorders in the first place is delayed psycho–speech development (DSD). This disease is expressed in the delay of speech development and psyche of the child, the lag in the formation of cognitive activity and immaturity of personality.

The above symptoms describe exactly how the disease nursery, and be a symptom of a more severe mental disorders such as infantile Autism. The main feature of autism is that a child refuses to have contact with the people around him, they restrained emoting and very closed. To mental illness include hyperactivity in children, mental retardation and schizophrenia.

Parents should not be afraid of visits to a child psychiatrist. If the time to access it, this will prevent the development of the child's severe mental disorders, and will provide an opportunity to healthy lifestyle.