With the sun person tends to radiate inner light, to charge all around your mood. The sun also has a beneficial effect on the body, saturating it with vitamin D. Yes, it is the UV radiation dangerous to humans, but it's nothing compared to a mass of useful properties. To the sun, one way or another, stretches all living things, including people.

Few people know that the sun is a good help in losing weight. We are not talking about popular in Indian culture powered by solar energy. This is also effective but too dangerous and harmful to health. So "sunlight" can be not only literally, but also in material performance. The fact that the products have to be the color of the sun's rays of orange and yellow.

But do not rush to buy lemons and oranges, their excessive consumption of anything good will not (especially can develop allergies to citrus, and in the worst case, ulcer from too much acid). The products must be different, including fruit and vegetables. The daily diet must have at least 4 kinds of products. There is a limit in the amount of no more than a pound of food. But fluid volume is not restricted — the water/juices (always yellow or orange) the more the better.

It's amazing how much yellow/orange foods in the world! That and the cheese, and apples, and citrus fruits (a great many), and pineapples, and carrots, and melons, and pumpkins, and... the List is endless. Of course, it is worth mentioning that all products should be natural. Because, if you eat cake with a yellow cake and orange cream, about the positive result you can forget.

Why yellow? Scientists-psychologists proved that the yellow color has a positive effect on the human psyche, calming him and giving confidence. Yellow stimulates our body, like "shaking" it. Also, this color improves cerebral activity, helps in the development of creative possibilities. And from the point of view of digestion in the diet is the most important), the yellow helps better assimilation of nutrients and excretion of waste.

Not far behind him and the color orange. It activates the person increases his success in business. Orange, like yellow, awakens in man the sense of self-sufficiency and success. It will help and stress accumulated to remove, and mental activity to improve and can improve, and second wind to open.