Then the eyes of the nutritionists turned to the traditional food systems of Northern peoples, particularly the Scandinavian countries. The climate of Russia is closer to the climatic conditions of these countries, rather than to the Sunny and warm Mediterranean, so we have to consider what is the essence of the so-called Nordic diet.

It is necessary to clarify immediately that this diet will not bring quick weight loss. Rather, it is designed for the smooth, but irreversible weight loss and especially to maintain good health and normal functioning of the organism in the conditions of a harsh climate.

Nordic diet States that most healthy food made from local ingredients, and growing in their own region vegetables and fruits are the most valuable to humans. Unfortunately, when adapting this diet to the conditions of our country to fully respect this principle is not possible, otherwise the diet would be too scarce. But, in General, the main trends is possible to save.

So, what are the principles of the Nordic diet? It involves the abandonment of traditional meat and replace him with marine fatty fish or lean game (venison, elk). Vegetables are welcomed all the root vegetables (beets, carrots, turnips), and is especially recommended Brussels sprouts and zucchini. From the berries is preferable cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries. From allowed fruits apples. Cereals are represented by barley, rye and oats, of which you can cook porridge and flour baking homemade bread and even pies with berries.

Dairy products should be low in fat. As is clear from the list of products of the Nordic diet in General can be considered healthy, will be useful to vessels and the heart, restore proper metabolism. Weight loss is 4-5 kilograms per month, but it will be easy and steady weight loss, without the pendulum effect, subject to ongoing compliance with the basic principles of the "Northern" power. To follow this diet all your life.

Of course, the difficulty is that it is not always possible to find in our conditions the recommended products, e.g., game or cloudberry. But this diet allows you to replace hard-to-reach products on the usual. So, instead of lean game meat you can use chicken breast, sheep's milk replace cow's low-fat, and traditional Northern berries to add our berries, for example blackberries, sea-buckthorn. Assortment of vegetables can also be expanded pumpkin, cucumbers, tomatoes, different types of cabbage.

Breakfast and Nordic-style features will be presented oatmeal, cooked with low-fat milk with the addition of sour berries. For lunch and dinner recommended to eat vegetables in different variants with fish or lean meat. When selecting additional or replacement products at the initial stage of the diet, to avoid errors, it is preferable to grown in your area fruits, they will be more naturally assimilated than imported fruits and vegetables.