You will need
  • Seedlings, soil, fertilizer, water, watering can, film
In the fall, prepare the beds. It is better to do Grebnev method, that is, above the level of the site. At desire it is possible to isolate the beds with a wooden curb. Subsequently, it will protect against slipping of topsoil and organic fertilizers. Dig the ground to a depth of the pin shovels. Make fresh manure or humus, and 15-20 g of superphosphate to each square meter of the ground.
In early spring, about 2-3 weeks before the anticipated planting, dig the ground and scatter on the surface of about 10-13 g of nitrogenous fertilizer such as urea. Also after some time, it is recommended to spray the bed with a solution of Intaver" or other substances deterring insects. Don't worry: for the bushes, everbearing strawberries, which you will soon drop, this substance is absolutely harmless.
Buy in store "whiskers" or young bushes. Make a "mash" of equal proportions of compost and garden soil, add a little water to make smetanopodobnogo mixture. Dip it in the roots of everbearing strawberries, leave on overnight.
Set in the garden holes. It is better to place in three rows and in a staggered manner. Between the holes should be 40-50 cm. Now, when your bushes are quite small, you will be tempted to plant them more often. Don't do it. Very soon they will grow, they will be closely. Dense plantation will lead to the shading, the berries will not ripen, the plant can hit the rot. To prevent such misfortunes, planted everbearing strawberries at intervals of about half a meter.
Transfer the seedlings in the holes so that the "core" - the place from which grow the leaves that remained above ground level. It in no event it is impossible to bury. After planting, be sure to pour and cover with plastic wrap. The film will protect everbearing strawberries from drying out and possible spring frosts. In early June, the film can be removed. Carefully proryhlit the soil around the bushes and make a liquid fertilizer solution of potassium nitrate, using 1-3 g of substance per liter of water.
Tear off all the flowers that bloom in the first year. This will free up the reserve of nutrients that will strengthen and Bush overgrowth. From the second year everbearing strawberries will bear fruit from June to September. Just do not forget about farming practices and cover the plants from early may with a protective film.