Check the condition of the floor

First we need to find out where a specific point is the floor. Some boards can be severely damaged, and sometimes of wood covered with mold. Accordingly, the deformed material will have to be replaced. Fungus with boards fully removed or is etched antiseptic composition. If in some areas of the thick wood out of the metal fasteners, the latter should be deepened in the material to the nails or screws are not sticking out.

The removal of the worn layer of wood

Floor boards will look perfectly only on the condition that the owners in the repair process will be sanding. It is better to use a special grinding machine. It allows you to eliminate worn-out wood without damaging the wood.

On grinding machines can be installed skins of different granularity. The smaller the grain the get smoother sanding. So to give the plank floor aesthetic appearance it is best to use fine sandpaper. After sanding, the floor should be cleaned of all formed dust, shavings and chips.

Sealing of cracks and crevices

During grinding, on a wooden floor may show some damage. Any cracks, gaps, visible cracks should zashpatlevat. Perfect fit for this carpenter's putty, which has a high ecological purity, but copes well with the defects of wood. Additionally puttied areas are sanded with emery cloth to the surface was perfectly smooth.

Finishing wooden floor

Now proceed to finish the surface. With this purpose, a floor of boards covered with primer, and then paint, varnish, stain or other suitable composition. Often floor paint in two layers. When the applied material has dried, you can start full operation of the working surface. Repaired floor boards will serve you well for the next 5-7 years.