If flooring is used for flooring of the veranda or the terrace, before laying it is desirable to treat with antiseptic. This structure will protect the wood from rotting and mold stroke, blue stain, insects. Experts recommend to choose primer-antiseptic, which can be found from manufacturers such as "Belinsky library" or "pinoteks". Need primed the wood with a brush.
After priming the surface, you can proceed to finishing. For external works perfectly special oil for terraces. It penetrates well into the wood, not allowing it to crack over time, has dirt - and water-repellent properties. Oil at the hardware store we can make any color that will match with the overall decor. Preventive oiling should be carried out every 2 years.
If you plan to lay floor boards inside the room, an excellent solution for its treatment will be the varnish. If you want to preserve the original color of the wood, you can use a clear coating, just need to understand that if the floor is in the sun room, the tree may eventually change its color. Experts recommend pre-color the varnish, even in light shade. After all, color composition lies in a thin layer, through which will Shine through the tree structure.
For applying varnish, you must purchase a brush with mixed bristles, it does not swell and does not increase consumption of the composition. The first coat of varnish needs 20% dissolve water or white spirit, depending on the basics. Prior to breeding should definitely read the manual. The base coat is usually dry in 6 to 24 hours.
After the first treatment of the floorboard varnish can climb the villi, so the tree will have to be sanded in the direction of the pile. The second layer is applied undiluted varnish. Builders recommend not to save and apply the varnish for the third time. Between all the layers need to be grinded batten.
Proper treatment of the floor Board will help to preserve the wood, protect it from moisture and damage. Do not skimp on this process and to buy cheap materials. It is better to trust experts in the field of wood processing, examples include stamps "Tikkurila", "Teks" and "Belinsky library". Thanks to these formulations you can achieve perfect results.