Suffering and the inability to feel happy without your partner – that's the main syndrome of such people. They are simply bewitched and put on a pedestal his companion. In the people this feeling is called love, in psychology, emotional dependency.

Many couples live together in such relationships who are on the verge of collapse. Constant fighting, stress, misunderstandings that lead to nothing. And most importantly, all believe that it should be that all live on the same life plan. And not everyone can understand that this is a real myth. Harmonious relationships exist that could lead to a happy life.

Like other people have loved, must have its own degree of freedom and common sense. Because it must be remembered that even the most close and beloved man can bring, and you will be left with nothing.

You must love, but always know when to stop. Remember that if the relationship ends, life will not end. After all, self-sufficient person is one who does not put on other people too much, not soluble in relationships and knows when to stop. Only the harmonious person can create real strong relationship. Not to tie strong knots the other person. Live simply, beautifully and fill the life of his partner with warmth and joy.