Emotional dependency is the relationship to the person in which life loses its meaning, if he's not around. Without it difficult to do not interested to do something, even socializing with people and Hobbies ceases to please. Only in the presence of the beloved there is a feeling of comfort and joy. While most of the time both halves suffer. So dependent very afraid to lose your satellite, controls it, trying all the time to keep close.
Get rid of emotional dependence independently is very difficult to remove this attachment, you must go to a psychologist. But often the person just happens to be alone with this problem. And then is a downside to this event is loneliness. Because the Union is difficult to live, to experience these emotions unbearable, the gap degrades your life significantly, it is easier to be alone. But this is not a solution, this solution also bears the suffering.
The causes of emotional dependence in most cases are formed in early childhood. From the relationship of mother and child depends the future of man. If the mother was in a suspended state, if you do not have a spiritual connection with the child, he most likely will continue to fall into these relationships. You need to understand that a woman may well carry out their functions, to raise children, to care for him, but it does not have an emotional connection. Externally is not always obvious, but puts a mark on the life of the baby.
If she has an emotional dependence on men, she just needs a bit of affection for the baby. In this case, manifests the continuity of generations. Is formed a pattern of dependence, and in different forms, it manifests throughout a person's life. These relationships can be manifested not only in pairs but also in friendly relationships, attachment to teachers.
Do not confuse addiction with attachment. Many people in relationships fear to lose, the feeling of loneliness in the absence of close. But such emotions do not prevent to live, do not affect work, study. Can be called healthy experiences after a breakup is a natural reaction, but only if the pain does not subside for more than three years, you should go to a specialist.
The work of the psychologist begins with the release from fear. Using special techniques it is reduced or removed completely. Then, it is necessary to review relations with parents, find the cause of the addiction and resolve it. Usually need a few sessions, but after the first feeling of relief.