Addicted to love – the so-called phenomenon. It is very common, both in men and women, but oddly enough, still relatively little studied. Acts sometimes so hard and long that some doctors compare it to drug addiction. The man genuinely think that he was passionately in love, but in reality he is sick.
First of all, the relatives should clearly understand that we are talking about the disease! A man caught in the net of this femme fatale, sick love addiction, not capable to estimate a modest, respectable woman, who would be the perfect wife and mother.
He is now constantly need a scene on the verge of hysterics, furious quarrels, ending as violent "reconciliation" in bed, suffering pangs of jealousy. To live a quiet, measured life, he will not be able to. It should be treated!
At any cost, by whatever arguments, arguments, persuade a man to be nice to people psychologists and therapists. Since the treatment in such cases is usually complex and should be carried out in two directions at once.
Most psychologists are inclined to believe that in addicted to love get people with low self-esteem, the causes of which are rooted in unhealthy family atmosphere and the lack of parental love during their childhood. Therefore, the treatment should consist in techniques of self-hypnosis that empowers, and if required, psychotherapy.
The therapists also tend to see the cause of sexual addiction. They say that passion usually covers the man with the weak sexual "Constitution", in the way that suddenly met a woman, magically transformed her. Only with her, he feels a full man, and therefore is afraid to lose her. Thus, in their opinion, the solution is in restoring full sexual function of men, medical and psychotherapeutic treatment.