If a family has people with pathological craving for alcohol, the codependent becoming its members. The codependent person typically has low self-esteem. Wives of alcoholics hope that can change the situation, but are defeated, they have a feeling of powerlessness. Trying to save the patient, they only contribute to the fact that he begins to abuse alcohol. Assuming the solution to all problems, "the rescuers" released a sick relative from responsibility for their actions.

Codependent person is often motivated by a sense of fear - fear of loneliness, anxiety, fear that something bad happen. He considers himself wronged, slighted and constantly afraid of the anger of others. The wife of an alcoholic trying to suppress your anger, but often lashes out in anger at children.

A sense of shame owns staviskaya. They stop to chat with friends, their social circle is limited to a couple of colleagues and friends. Fear and anger cause the emergence of a number of diseases: peptic ulcer, neurosis of the heart, tachycardia. The lack of solutions to the problems of codependency can cause early death.

What is the way to overcome the state of codependency? First of all co-dependents should recognize and admit their problem. Need to work on changing your reactions, feelings, worldview. It is necessary to abandon the desire to control everything, and then there will be trust, which will allow you to avoid alienation in the relationship. You must learn to distinguish between the man and his actions, and then we will again respect your friends and loved ones. Increased attention to your feelings, emotions, behavior provide a different assessment of the situation and relevant to their lives. It is not necessary to accumulate a resentment, it destroys, it is best to forgive all the offenders. But their mistakes should be forgiven.

The next step is suspension. Not anger, or deprivation of a loved man of love, a retreat from intractable problems. Concern for the alcoholic or addict is absolutely useless, should not be responsible for the lives of others. This positive attitude will gradually cause a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

This does not mean that we should deny a close person of help he needs. But it is necessary to realize that no one can help against his will.

Effective for recovery from codependency and control over their emotions and feelings. You should change your reactions to what is happening and accept things as they are, rejecting the negative evaluations and total control. It is not necessary to allow the dependent person to ruin others day, month, life.

Freedom from codependency - it's a long, painstaking work, but the one who was able to overcome the problem, grows into a spiritually advanced, balanced and healthy personality. When a person begins to change, and changing the world around him.