Eternal seducer

It seems that it is not applicable to the laws of nature. In particular, that it is completely resistant to over time. So, he's still dressed in the same style as when you met. Any skirt within a radius of several kilometers, in front of him will not stand (he doesn't have to sleep with her, often enough a flirt), but over time it becomes more his desire than reality.

Irritable pedant

Nothing is good enough. To everything (especially about cleaning and order) it has a requirement level above average. Unfortunately, as a rule, the more demand, the less the desire to do them and to contribute something. His Desk is divided into sectors, each thing has its permanent place and the minimum "blockage" in the form of dust particles completely destroys the existing order. It requires that everyone adapt to its requirements.

Negative hypochondriac

He spends all day pouting, sighing, and lamenting their plight and unfortunate life (though, obviously, either guilty of himself). Constantly complaining about something and looking for what else he could hurt. Suffering from a mysterious disease that doctors can't even diagnose, not to mention the fact, to help heal. If every day he will not find at least ten things that you can complain, his mood drops below zero.