First of all, you should decide: do you want this or you says hurt women's feelings (I'm such a clever, pretty, what does he want?). So you've decided that, nevertheless, firmly convinced of the correctness of the choice and your goal is to persuade the beloved to live with him. Well, set in a delicate, unobtrusive way to show him the benefits of family life. Interested in the lives of his family, frequently invite to his family gatherings, or organise a joint event with some prosperous married couple among your friends.
All men are hunters by nature. If they felt the affection from your side, they perceive you as a trophy that you can always carry, and he's not going anywhere. Don't let him be so cocky. This does not mean that you should flirt with his friend to start dressing provocatively. But to be the center of attention at any party, why not. You can also make it clear to her sweetheart, what have you, but love to him, in life there are many important interests, work, Hobbies, friends.
Men, more than women, like to put everything "on the shelves" and to do everything consistently. Perhaps the thoughts of your heart a friend about living together prevents any important point is the promotion, writing a master's or doctoral thesis, buying a home or car. In such cases, it is more rational to wait a bit, I'll get to you.
Sometimes men are just afraid to change something in this life, because by nature they are conservative, and are much stronger than women. You can organize for them a kind of rehearsal for life together. For example, together to go on vacation or to visit friends living in another city. Or to go on a little trick and ask to stay with him for a week, citing the invasion of guests. But after the agreed period you need to return home. If your living together he had in mind, then he will be invited back.
That's what in any case do not need constantly to hint to the man about living together, shed a tear and sigh, talking about someone else's family happiness, to be accused of indecision and a reluctance to build a warm family nest. Such straightforward "head-on" methods can be achieved only by the deterioration of relations, your friend can get tired of this constant pressure and will find you a less costly replacement.