The pros of living together with a guy

You will be able to spend more time together. Wake up in the morning, we have Breakfast, pack and leave the house with your loved one. In the evening share fresh impressions about the day, then you can afford to stay up late to talk or engage in other joint cases.

More time for sex. No need to adjust the schedule of the parents or to do it quickly at the hotel. All evening and night you can indulge in amorous pleasures. No witnesses, restrictions and interference. It all depends on your desires.

Less spending on rent and other expenses. If you've lived in two different apartments, now you can save. Would be savings in other small costs, such as household appliances. Some of the things from past apartments can be sold, and the money to buy something really need.

Living together allows you to feel truly adult and free. The exit of parents, furnishing a new home, payment of utility bills and other routine matters will help to grow up quickly. You will be able to enjoy the freedom and sense of self-reliance.

Cons of living together with a guy

There are new home problems. I have more to cook, wash, clean, iron and perform other routine chores. Men, as a rule, rarely undertake household chores, and mostly it falls on the shoulders of girls.

Financial issues can cause serious conflicts. Before you existed separately and did not report the embezzlement to each other, and now you need to learn to live together. A man can not appreciate buying a new handbag or shoes, you may be disappointed due to the purchase of winter tires for the car.

When living together you need more than "try". 24 hours a day to look well-groomed, beautiful and take care of yourself. Not every man can calmly accept the transformation of his "models" in the usual girl.

Problems may arise with communication. Spending so much time together, you will discuss all the usual topics and will need to look for a new one. Some couples break up at this stage, realizing they are too different and they don't have anything to talk about.

You can get to know each other. Before you could only see the formal appearance of his partner, but now he's at a glance. Sleepy and cranky in the morning, sitting late at the computer, tired after work.

Many relationships crumble because of different views on life. Life together before the wedding helps sober look at your future. What is your views on financial and domestic issues? Not does it irritate you that the constant presence of your boyfriend? How similar are your tastes?

But don't forget that a lot depends on your pair. If you perfectly understand each other and know how to peacefully resolve a conflict situation, the joint life will bring joy.