Advice 1: What are the pros and cons of living together with a guy

Sometimes you want to spend with your loved one's spare time. For this purpose, some couples move in together, and begin to live together. But before you move in with a young man, you need to weigh the pros and cons of living together.
What are the pros and cons of living together with a guy

The pros of living together with a guy

You will be able to spend more time together. Wake up in the morning, we have Breakfast, pack and leave the house with your loved one. In the evening share fresh impressions about the day, then you can afford to stay up late to talk or engage in other joint cases.

More time for sex. No need to adjust the schedule of the parents or to do it quickly at the hotel. All evening and night you can indulge in amorous pleasures. No witnesses, restrictions and interference. It all depends on your desires.

Less spending on rent and other expenses. If you've lived in two different apartments, now you can save. Would be savings in other small costs, such as household appliances. Some of the things from past apartments can be sold, and the money to buy something really need.

Living together allows you to feel truly adult and free. The exit of parents, furnishing a new home, payment of utility bills and other routine matters will help to grow up quickly. You will be able to enjoy the freedom and sense of self-reliance.

Cons of living together with a guy

There are new home problems. I have more to cook, wash, clean, iron and perform other routine chores. Men, as a rule, rarely undertake household chores, and mostly it falls on the shoulders of girls.

Financial issues can cause serious conflicts. Before you existed separately and did not report the embezzlement to each other, and now you need to learn to live together. A man can not appreciate buying a new handbag or shoes, you may be disappointed due to the purchase of winter tires for the car.

When living together you need more than "try". 24 hours a day to look well-groomed, beautiful and take care of yourself. Not every man can calmly accept the transformation of his "models" in the usual girl.

Problems may arise with communication. Spending so much time together, you will discuss all the usual topics and will need to look for a new one. Some couples break up at this stage, realizing they are too different and they don't have anything to talk about.

You can get to know each other. Before you could only see the formal appearance of his partner, but now he's at a glance. Sleepy and cranky in the morning, sitting late at the computer, tired after work.

Many relationships crumble because of different views on life. Life together before the wedding helps sober look at your future. What is your views on financial and domestic issues? Not does it irritate you that the constant presence of your boyfriend? How similar are your tastes?

But don't forget that a lot depends on your pair. If you perfectly understand each other and know how to peacefully resolve a conflict situation, the joint life will bring joy.

Advice 2: How to start living with a guy

After the honeymoon period, there are thoughts about living together with a partner. Tired of the constant travel from one house to another, everyday transportation necessities of life. I want permanence, not meetings in the evenings and lone return to his empty room. Moreover, relations have outgrown in something gentle and timid.
How to start living with a guy
Tighten the period of Dating is not worth it, it can become a habit, and then a guy may not want to live together, if it and so happy with everything. You should start with a discussion of how it would be convenient and nice to Wake up every morning together, sleep under one blanket, for a long time remain in your bed. Gradually he'll start to think about it, and the idea is to look pretty attractive.
Major changes are very difficult to decide, because you need to find a place to carry things and to establish a way of life. Living with parents is not a solution in the early stages of life together, couples often breaks up because of the interference of parents. Caught in someone else's family partner will always feel awkward. Another thing, if you've been Dating for a year or more and I know that in the event of a misunderstanding, the guy will not be on the side of the parents, and your.
Significant components of life together is the budget, and it is necessary to discuss who will do grocery shopping, pay utility bills. Will have to sacrifice unnecessary cumbersome things, bad habits. If you have already agreed on living together, you need to learn to work together to make decisions, to live in the same area and agree. Any actions must be accompanied by respect, warmth and trust to each other.
Speak with the guy your cravings. Everyone has certain habits, like running in the morning or sleep until one o'clock at the weekend. Agree to do it, either together, or try not to interfere with each other. If the guy is a heavy smoker and dislike the smell of cigarette smoke, mention this so he stepped out on the balcony or on the landing. If you love animals, try to talk about the purchase of a kitten, hamster, or dogs, joint care for it will dilute the relationship.
Joint life often brings many problems, this should be ready. Discuss in advance the division of responsibilities around the house.
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Try not to give reason to think that the start of the freedom of man, for the male half of humanity is very important. Do not arrange dismantling, when he goes out with friends to drink beer and watch football. Sometimes you want to allow such liberties.

Advice 3: How to start living with a guy

The decision on cohabitation with a loved one is always a new stage of relations, which will inevitably become a couple. But this convergence does not go to the detriment, as follow need to be prepared to think about it.
How to start living with a guy
Do not take this decision on emotions. After spent romantic evenings, when you feel nice and calm, it's easy to agree to live with a guy. But we need to look reality in the eye. A joint household is not romantic and the daily contact of two adults with their own habits.
Discuss how realistic is the embodiment of your desire. You need to deal with the place of residence, it is advisable that you lived separately from your parents. Specify the reasons preventing you to live together, and methods of their elimination.
Don't hide your doubt. Open communication will help you to identify potential problems and proactively take control of their decision. May you be strong in your resolve to live together or, on the contrary, you will understand that at this stage of the relationship make it impractical.
Be prepared to give. No matter how warm, gentle and extraordinary neither was your relationship during courtship, cohabitation can bring a lot of difficulties. So instead insist on their preferences, find a compromise, otherwise you will not be able to get along.
More details will discuss before moving. Living together will reveal a lot of unresolved points that need to be addressed. So don't put off talking about that is obvious and needs attention. Discuss your daily routine, weekend plans, food preferences and budget planning.
Do not deprive yourself of freedom. No matter how much people loved each other, they can't all the time to spend together. Particularly acute is the need for freedom can appear at the beginning of cohabitation, because when you lived your life, and now she's sharing. The relationship was stronger, you need to spend time apart. Make sure that you both understand this correctly.
Don't expect much. Difficulties and disagreements in the first phase after moving is normal, because each of you and your habits, as well as the thoughts you can't read, there will be differences. No need to hastily decide that you need to part and live the same life. Give yourself time to adapt to new circumstances.
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