Advice 1: What do you mean polygamous male

They say that all men are polygamous. This phrase means that the representatives of the stronger sex can't love one woman and is frequently addicted to others. However, before this expression had a slightly different meaning.
What do you mean polygamous male

A bit of history

Polygamy — polygamy, marriage where one party has multiple partners.Most often, a man has several wives. In the modern world polygamy is widespread mainly among Muslims and Hindus, as well as in some African countries. But polygamy is mentioned in the old Testament.

Historically, polygamy was the privilege of the nobility: the richer a person is, the more wives he could have. Arab sheikhs and the Chinese emperors in addition to wives and countless concubines.

So who is he polygamous male? Men like to write off their numerous love Affairs and infidelity "polygamous", supposedly inherent in their nature. But nature cannot create different priorities of females and males of the same species. Then it turns out that women are also polygamous?

In the modern world the concept of "love" and "sex" are not identical concepts. Nature is not predetermined, in which the marriage is polygamous or a monogamous man should live. People fall in love, get married, raise children, because it brought them social conditions of modern society.
The well-known slogan: "the Family is the cell of society".

Polygamy and monogamy

European man chooses monogamy because it is accepted in the society in which he lives. And if in the middle ages in European countries, marriage was purely for practical calculations, in the modern world marriages are made (in most cases) love. But how then to explain her husband's infidelity and love affair on the side, which trap the majority of marriages today?

It's not in a polygamous nature of men, and in his psychology and morality. If man is essentially polygamous, so sex for him is more important than love. More attractive just sex with different partners. He is free in his choice. It is his right. Such a man should not marry and start a family. But as the foundations of society forced him to marry and be a good family man, he is forced to do it purely for practical reasons.
In such marriages the cheating husband no end.

If a man is monogamous, he chooses one. For him love and sex is one concept. So he was raised by his parents, such a relationship was around him in real life, and he will give it to your children.

Polygamous male is a myth. It all depends on social norms and attitudes in society, the family. An important role is played by religion In most Muslim countries polygamy is accepted. But again, this happened historically and it has become a social norm and Way of life that evolved in Muslim families for a very long time, allows to coexist numerous wives. Unshakable Muslim rules and traditions keep order and peace in these families. But this in no way says about the nature of polygamous Muslim men. It's just another community of people.

Advice 2 : What is a monogamous relationship

Relations in which man and woman have no right to change each other, called monogamous. They seem to conclude the agreement in which undertake to be faithful.
What is a monogamous relationship

Why monogamy became the social

Family, and she is considered to be the cell of society rests not just on a monogamous relationship. Moreover, it is monogamy, how do you think evolutionary scientists, was one of the reasons that man became bipedal.

The story developed as follows. Primates, the ancestors of man were together for a short relationship, after which the female remained with the offspring, and the male went in search of a new relationship. But some couples tied to each other is stronger then the male remained with the female and helped her to take care of the offspring. He went in search of food, and when he found her, then brought his family. But it turned out that in the mouth can bring quite a bit, and the monkey then ran on all four paws. Then some males had thought to bring food in then still not issued the "hands" moving in the lower extremities.

In traditional Western society monogamy was fixed very firmly. Even today, when women are able to get food, even when children are small, most of these concerns fall on the shoulders of the father. This necessarily implies that the monogamous family. Otherwise, why would father care about someone else's offspring? This approach strengthened the position of monogamy in ancient times, although now it often happens that a man takes other people's children as their own. But today, a monogamous relationship is considered to be ideal for raising children.

However, in Eastern countries men are allowed to have several wives, as Islam permits such things. In countries with a Western mentality (Europe, America and Australia) are allowed only one partner in the marriage, and it is sometimes even enshrined in law.

The opinion of psychologists

Despite the fact that monogamy is the accepted way of marriage, infidelity among spouses is very common. Psychologists believe that people have to "Mature" for monogamous relationships, and it is not easy. The fact that people may have deep feelings for one person at the same time, sometimes "carried away" by someone else. Passion passes quickly, but in this period the probability to commit treason sharply increases. It also happens that people change in the heat of passion, for example, during intoxication. Much less likely to capture cases of long-term infidelity when a person has a marriage partner, and another, illegitimate, for a long time.

The fact that people's feelings is a complex and intricate system, sometimes quite contradictory. Not everyone has the strength to resist charming the opposite sex, even if you have a permanent partner. Some people have low morals, they don't even try to resist, sometimes even specifically hunting for extramarital "adventures".

There are those who believe that monogamy is contrary to human nature. Such people have relationships in advance of agreeing with a partner on this situation. Such marriages cannot be called traditional, but sometimes they exist quite successfully. Such an approach to the relationship is called polygamy.
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