But it is unlikely at such moments, she thinks about the possible consequences for their health, because they will be not immediate, but after a certain time. This deformity of the foot, and build-up, and possible problems with the locomotor (walking on the heel, the center of gravity moves forward), bowel problems, onset of arthritis, problems with tendons and joints and much more.

In addition, increases the risk of injury: every third woman, wearing a pin, at least once in my life it fell.

As a pregnant lady, wearing high heel, risking not only their health but also the health of the unborn baby. In this case, the position of the uterus which can cause miscarriage or birth complications.

Whether the beauty of those victims - a woman decides for herself.

However, it is not necessary to immediately panic and run to restore a revision in your wardrobe. It's not as scary as it seems at first glance: if you try, you can choose a middle ground.

Nobody urges to refuse high heels and heels really, there are times when they are essential. But it is better moments like minimize.

The complete lack of heel - also not the best option, in this case, you may develop flat feet.

Shoes for everyday wear should be with a heel height of 2-3 cm, because this height corresponds to the natural position of the foot.

The material of products is preferred natural leather, nubuck, suede,

The next point is the presence of thick soft insoles to cushion the impact.

During the day you should try shoes several times to change to properly distribute the pressure on the foot.

And last, the footwear stores to choose strictly on the size. Do not take one that is too tight, in the hope that it spreads. It is better to choose at the end of the day, legs, by this time, a little swollen, and the risk to buy a narrow shoes or boots, will be minimal.

We should also mention the "young fashionistas". The human skeleton is formed by up to 20 years, and if a teenager will ruin him at such a young age, fixing it later will be impossible.

As you can see, it's not so critical! With the right approach to the issue is possible and the beauty to keep and not to lose health.