First bells — is a change of mood: busy at work, changing work schedule. If your loved one had a mistress, she needs to pay attention, but it takes 10-20 minutes, as you need to have sex to talk. Spouse begins to lie, invent stories that on the way home the car broke down and repair it for a long time, a friend problem, need support, lies that will sleep with him. If the wife does not communicate with the relatives of the husband, then they begin to appear as disease, problems, according to the wife. And he pays all the time except his wife and child.

You may also notice that your spouse is talking with someone on the phone, mobile hides from your eyes may appear passwords or your husband is cheating on other phone, computer, tablet. And if the phone caught the eye of his wife, there won't be messages that their husband is constantly washed in inbound and outbound adds a new name, friend, or accountant, or Secretary, depending on what works for your spouse.

The husband starts to shave more often, cut nails, brush teeth, go to the hairdresser, watching them. Dresses like a brand, changing closet. Things may appear the aroma of women's perfume, and lipstick or other visible only for you trivia. The wife accepts her husband as he is fully serving him in the everyday sense, and the mistress is not satisfied, it needs a clean and shaven man to meet their needs.

Of course, the mistress takes a long time, but cheating can also be traced in the family budget. Husband brings entire salary, unforeseen expenses. The wife can do without the gift, but for the mistress you need to buy flowers, jewelry or fashionable clothes.

Sexually the spouse ceases to interest him, and if there is intimacy, it is not the same as before. Wife could not get pleasure in sex in a hurry like in a fire.

The main symptom is look. Any person can read in his eyes. Eyes husband become empty, and mentally your beloved is somewhere far away and head in the clouds. The wife says to her husband, and he can't hear, often asks.

To find out, you need to follow, but it is not always possible to prove adultery. Then you need to control her husband, and he will still slip up, forget to erase anything on your phone or computer. You will also be able sooner or later to find some things in his car that will be a proof of infidelity. So better get your man in order to see the changes early and prevent mistress.