To visit as many places during the trip, you can certainly use public transportation, but in Europe, for example, is quite expensive. It is better to hire a car, which will add comfort during the journey, and time will be able to save money, but renting a car is quite a specific service is especially abroad, which has its pitfalls.

If you take a car to rent, you should not forget that tourists are often easy to deceive. Maybe it seems that abroad more civilized people, but in fact everywhere there is deception and it is used as a way of earning. For example, car is applied to a scratch or there may be damage inside the cabin, and then the client will have to pay the required amount for damages, although, in fact, he is innocent.

Therefore, before renting a car, you need to carefully inspect the body and interior. All the places of deformation are recorded in the documents signed by client and an employee of the company who car rental. Incidentally, the documents also record the indices of the fuel tank.

As a rule, many companies do not pay for the fuel, so if the machine was rented with a full tank, it must be returned with fuel in the original number. That's why it's important to record how much was fuel before you leave, so you do not have attributed an extra liter of gasoline or diesel.