To not work for rental cars at a loss, you must correctly calculate the amount of his rent. It consists not only of net profits that you want to get your hands on, but also from the depreciation of the parts of the chassis, permanent replacement fluids and components, mandatory insurance and technical inspection of vehicle, wages of the employees of your company.
The machine requires constant maintenance. You need to change the oil and filters every 5-7 thousand kilometers. Once a year change struts, brake pads. Other parts require replacement with wear and tear, this amount must also be included in the car's depreciation. Every two or three months put car on computer diagnostics in order to identify all the problems.
Keep in mind that a specific machine will not rent every day. Do the calculations of the minimum number of times as the car can be rented. In the formation of a car Park give preference to those models, which can move in the city, and the great outdoors.
Lay in the cost of the car and also the salaries of staff who will monitor your vehicle fleet: to bring the machine up after using them, to examine them for anomalies, to fill. By the way, gasoline is usually paid by the person who takes your car hire. However, to give him the car you need with a full tank.