Doctors there are four stages of heatstroke:

1. When the air temperature reaches 40 degrees. The heat is released through sweat and human breath. The temperature of the human body is not increased, but there is a feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, apathy.

2. When the temperature reaches 50 degrees. The thermoregulation through sweat and respiration is not happening. The body temperature of a person rises to the level of 38 degrees. Occurs constantly feeling thirsty, dizziness, pulse quickens.

3. Temperature above 60 degrees causes overheating of the body, bordering on critical. The body heats up to 40 degrees. Exposure to temperatures above 60 ° C leads to the third degree of superheat. The pulse begins to be destabilized (110 beats per minute). The skin of the face, neck, shoulders acquires a red tint. The person experiences severe headache, sweating, pounding heavily in his temples.

This degree is accompanied by a sharp violation of the nervous system, shortness of breath, palpitations. The man is unconscious. If you have not had a medical emergency and possible death.

If there was a suspected heat stroke, you must act instantly. The first thing you need to do is strip the person and to provide him recumbency somewhere in the shadows. You need to provide more fresh air to the victim. If the person fainted in the crowd, transport, you have to bring it to the free space. A lay person should slightly lift the leg to enclose the cushion). Then follows a wet handkerchief or any other cloth and put the compress on your head, wet your face. To bring to life a person can ammonia. When the victim wakes up, give him a drink of cool water.

Particularly susceptible to the effects of heat stroke children and the elderly. Requires special attention to the small child in the sun. So, if you are on the beach and suddenly the child began to cry, complain of headaches or he was bleeding from the nose. We must immediately get him in the shade, drink cold water. to wet the head and to be with him in the shadows until its status changes for the best.

In case of any complications you should immediately go to the doctor.