But if you go to the Studio in the promotion of sites, that have quite a lot to pay. Is there any option to save money and get equally good results. Before, as you know, was not difficult to get the first TIC due to automatic runs the website in different directories. Today, this method is not working, it used to be, but you can use it more intelligently.

Database quality sites GOLD TRUST

This base is known in certain circles and managed to prove its effectiveness. It contains quite a large number of good donor sites. Of course, the database contents are constantly changing, but there are about 250 high-quality sites, 180 of which are in Yandex catalog and 130 in the popular DMOZ directory. This underscores the reliability of these sites.

Of course, to base free of charge is unlikely to succeed, but you can try to look for such an option. But it would be better and safer to buy it, especially since it is not so much. The distribution of the database can be found by searching the Internet. When you downloaded, will be just to get rid of the website and all the links obtained.

News sites

There is also a database of sites that allow you to post articles. This database of sites is called something like "article base sites v2.0" and to search for it, still have to use search online. Notable is the fact that there is a possibility to get links from articles that allows you to build high quality natural links. The database includes quite a few sites, a total of about fifty. Moreover, only half contained in directories. But to get to the site of such a base would be enough.

Should I buy these bases? Definitely worth it, because today it is difficult to find a good base for the run. Presented here in fairly high quality, so there is no doubt. Moreover, the price of a small. Expelling the website on such websites you can get the first links and traffic. Well, then you can connect the other ways of promotion of sites. But if to compare with the work of a freelancer, then for the same amount the freelancer will not be able to achieve similar level of results as you run around the bases.