This method of site promotion is very effective for the promotion of the home and to promote internal pages. If You will be placing in their texts with direct hyperlinks, You will be able to build referential mass, which is quite high quality, that's for the better will impact on where Your website will rank in search engine results.

Such results have always desired and sought webmasters to upgrade their site as the data TCI (thematic citation index).

Some of these ways:

1) posting articles to promote online. First You have to write unique articles, then post them on your website. This is necessary in order to improve indexing by search engines, it also helps to increase attendance web resource as well as attract targeted visitors. Search engines give priorities when ranking the projects, where there is a large amount of relevant content that is updated regularly.

2) Publish articles on promotional Internet sites. Writing and posting unique articles to various Internet sites (no matter paid or free). These articles should contain a couple of hyperlinks containing the keywords leading to the promoted website. In order to simplify texts, you can hire the services of special exchanges, which involved a huge number of sites which are ready to post Your articles.

3) Placement of articles on their own website and advertising platform. Articles are placed in the beginning pages of their own resources, and then, after indexing by the search engine, articles are published on promotional Internet sites.

The types of text content:

1) Original. Unique articles that are written only for specific keyword queries. These articles are usually of great interest to the audience of the site. Always be easily indexed by search engine.

2) Rewriting. Thematic content, which was found on other sites and fully retold, but with the same meaning. Such articles are perceived by search engines as totally unique.

3) Translated. Also unique articles posted on foreign resources, but translated into Russian language. This type of article can survive in the index Yandex and Google to 1.5 or 2 months. If the materials are placed with copyright infringement, the website may be banned.

4) Copied (or copy-paste). This is content that was simply copied from other sources. This is a direct copyright violation that leads to the loss of the search engine index indefinitely.

The promotion of the web resource with articles is a very costly and time consuming process. Despite this, this type of promotion allows you to achieve a long-term effect.

After performing all action and getting results after all the stages of promotion and promotion your website, website Creator is usually passed to start making money on your site if everything turned out with a positive result and traffic to your site has already a good influx of visitors.