You will need
  • - correct preparation of the site;
  • - links to website on other sites;
  • - site registration in search systems;
  • - contextual advertising;
  • - search readers in social networks;
  • - SEO-optimization;
  • - quality content;
  • - buying links on the exchanges.
First of all, correctly make page website. In the <head> block on each page must contain a <title> tag with the actual title. It should not be on all pages use the same header for example, the name of the website. In the <description > tag will post more detailed description of the page. The < keywords > not fill the keyword, the search engines it is no longer used.
In order to quickly promote a website, you need to ensure his appearance in the bases of the most popular search engines such as Yandex and Google. To start, determine search queries that should be directed to your website — make a list of keywords that are relevant to the theme and content of the website.
Position the websitein search results determined by search engines according to key phrase search queries and the importance of the website. The latter, in turn, depends on the number of external links on the website. Therefore for the promotion of the project, it is important to place on other sites as much as possible references to it.
Register website in search engines. Although search bots and find the newly-created websites yourself, but if you will indicate the address of a resource, the process will go much faster. Use search SEO, it is important in the promotion. Choose the appropriate for the websiteand key words, highlight them in bold in the content, create internal links between pages. Such information will accelerate the indexing and raise the ranking of your website. Ensure that the content is of high quality and unique.
Search of visitors on popular social networks. Create a special page with a link to your site and a brief description of all available networks. If the information will interest people, they will share the link to your website with your friends. Write more reviews and attract attention to his person. Insert the button a census in each of their materials so that readers could share just a couple of clicks.
Try contextual advertising in the search programs. This is a popular method of promotion, as it tracks the actual target audience. You will quickly find its readers by writing good ad copy. In addition, this kind of advertising allows to determine the cost of the advertisement.
A very popular way of promotion a websiteis buying links, there's even a relevant exchange. If you are willing to pay for raising the rating of your resource, you can easily find the network relevant ads.