If the site is very young, and visitors as there are none, it will be much harder to spin. But we must try. There are several ways by which this can be done. But, they are all ineffective, will attract enough users and time, energy and nerves take well.


The challenge is that need to register in the discussion forums, active and long time to conduct interviews, participate in discussions, nobody noticed, and did not identify mishandled Cossack. Then, you can slowly begin to advertise my site, only very carefully so that nobody marked these messages as spam, a moderator has not locked. You need to paste the link name in your posts, they say it is such a resource, there is information, or products at the best price, etc., depending on the type of site and what it offers (services, information, goods, etc.)

Social network

Groups are created and the public which will be the official representatives of the website in social networks. You need to fill them, to lead, to attract subscribers and new members, to submit the posts with the link to the site. If you do it actively, visited the site will increase in number.

Mutual advertising

A good way of mutual promotion, under the condition that at least a small audience, the resources you already have is a mutual promotion. Can you find a website whose owner will place there is another resource for the same service. No one spends but gets new unique visitors. Only need to look for such a resource, which users are your target audience. But the theme should not wholly be the same, because then it is a direct competitor, which is unlikely to agree to PR his opponent.


Now much sense to do this anymore, because most of the postal services letters like these immediately marks as spam, so the owners of online mail-boxes may not even see the emails with advertisements. But even if they open them, the chances that they will click on the link of the "left" letters are extremely small.