You will need
  • Web browser, Internet access. Optional: money, time, willingness to spend on studying seo best years of my life.
Study the subject area. Read the book I. Ashmanov and A. Ivanov, "website Promotion in search engines". Read the manual "SEO from A to z", available for download at the link Register for the largest forum on search engines Read the new topics in search engines, go deep into reading old topics. Pay special attention to the topic of search engine Yandex. Read personal blogs of forum participants. Select among them the most informative.
Carry out internal optimization of the website. Make a semantic kernel. Make a list of queries that are answered on every page of the website. Extend the semantic core by analyzing communication requests through services pages. Put links from articles to other articles. Make the anchor link text that describes the material to which the link leads.
Plan and implement promotion strategy by external factors. If you have a good budget, an integral part of the strategy may be buying links on the reference markets, the order writing, reproduction and placement of thematic articles on related resources the order of placing announcements and posting on blogs, buying links in the news. If the budget is missing, you should consider the creation of viral content, articles and information bombs, manual link exchange, dissemination of information about the site on social networks. All of this contributes to the natural backlinks.
Order your seo consultation from the professionals. Professional optimizer can identify problems related to internal factors of the website that influence its ranking in search engines. A good specialist will also give recommendations for their elimination.
Make monitoring results actions on website promotion in Yandex. Track site position in the results for the main query. Keep a history of changes. Analyze the effect of purchasing links and advertising campaigns.