It is very important to choose the diet that will help to get rid of unwanted pounds, but will not harm the health. One of these are a varied vegetable diet. Vegetables – a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Just remember that the use of these diets should not be longer than a week at a time. Though vegetable and insanely useful product, still can not replace all the nutrients.

1. Potato diet. For a very long time potatoes were considered quite a heavy product for the body. But if it's properly used, it is possible to get rid of a few unwanted pounds. There are several variants of the potato diet. For example, you can cook the potatoes in their skins for several days to eat only them. Of course, salt and various spices under strict taboo. The only thing that you can brighten up the taste of potatoes, a small quantity of greens. During this diet allowed to eat yogurt. Another option diet is as follows. Can eat just boiled potatoes, jacket potatoes, mashed potatoes (without milk, butter and other by-products). Again, only without the salt and spices. In addition to the potato can be eaten boiled eggs, low-fat milk, yogurt, yogurt, small piece of boiled chicken.

2. Carrot diet. Carrot is not only affordable, but incredibly useful product. Therefore, to relieve your body with this diet will only benefit. Just do not sit on this diet longer than three days. The essence of the diet is very simple: RUB the grated carrots in any quantity, seasoned with honey and lemon juice. That's all. This delicacy can be consumed in any quantity. Dilute this diet can low-fat yogurt or green tea, but without sugar, of course.

3. Cucumber diet. Such a diet is more diverse, because you can not only eat cucumbers. The Foundation of your diet should be salads of cucumber (only season with sour cream or mayonnaise are strictly forbidden), fruit (except bananas), boiled chicken, cereals without salt and oil. Can drink green tea without sugar, fresh juices. This diet can be used more than 2-3 days. But don't get involved in it longer than a week, otherwise it can affect your health.