Periodically each person is useful for some time to eat only fruits and vegetables. The positive effects of such a power lot: power up with vitamins, lose weight, be able to offer the liver from toxins and heavy for her to carry such substances as fats. But to stick to this way of eating is not easy, especially in cold weather. If you want to take a course of fruit-vegetable diet, then select the period during which you will follow it. We recommend the following options: fasting one day a week, one week not more than once every 2-3 months, or one month every six months.
One fruit and vegetable a day will not hurt each person, and keep it easily. The rules are as follows. Menu nothing but fruits and vegetables. They can handle everything: to bake, boil, stew, cook for a couple, it is impossible to cook and use butter, add sugar. Salt and spices are also very undesirable. If you want sweet, eat a few berries or sweet fruit. Do not get carried away potatoes, bananas and dried fruits, as they are very high in calories. It is better to refrain from drinking coffee and black tea, but you can drink green, mineral and normal purified water. If you repeat a fasting day once a week, for a couple of months to lose a few extra pounds.
Fruit and vegetable week can be strict or balanced. The strict variant is as follows. The first two days completely vegetable, then fruit and vegetable days alternating. Of forbidden fruit bananas, kiwi and grapes, and vegetables – potatoes. The day you can eat no more than one and a half kilos of food. Balance easier. Every day you can eat any vegetables and fruit, moreover, permitted the use of 100 g of soy cheese tofu a day (to make up for lack of protein). Under any scenario you need every day to drink at least one and a half or two liters of water. Can't repeat the vegetable diet more often than once every 2 or 3 months.
The four-week fruit and vegetable diet allows for the insertion of foreign products as a whole month to go without protein is bad for health. In the day you should eat about 150 g of lean meat, such as boiled chicken or Turkey, fish. You can eat boiled eggs. The rest of the menu should consist of fruits and vegetables. Forbidden fat and flour products, sugar. The first and third week stricter. Second and fourth are allowed sometimes to drink coffee with low-fat milk. Occasionally you can eat some cheese. This diet is recommended to repeat no more often than every six months. To get out of it can not be sharply should gradually add other foods.