Will there be a result?

Each new diet developed by nutritionists or invented losing weight, are always questioned, especially if there are no detailed descriptions of the impact of diet on the body. The cabbage soup diet is no exception. Many people ask the question before starting to eat cabbage, is it worth to run such a difficult test, if desired result may not be? In fact, if competently to approach to his diet, the result will be achieved with any diet, including the cabbage, the more Kale is a very useful and vitamin-rich vegetable.

In order to be effective, you need to perform a few simple conditions. First – do not break your diet. The second is to drink plenty of water. Third – do not starve, do not overeat and do not eat at night. If you can butylaniline follow these rules, then the result will definitely be quite impressive – minus three to five pounds per week. Most importantly, do not go for high-calorie foods immediately after the diet, otherwise you will very quickly rack up to throw pounds, adding a couple more "free".

How much should you eat

In order for the diet to work, the rule of any diet not to starve, do not overeat and do not eat at night - you can run very strictly, otherwise you can cause serious damage to your health.

First sight seem surprising that you can not starve when your diet is one cabbage. In fact, it is quite possible, you have to eat a lot of vegetable. Simple math works here. Losing weight a person needs to eat about 1200 Calories a day. 100 grams of cabbage contains 27 Kcal and 1 kg, respectively, 270 Kcal. 1200 should be divided into 270, it's about 4 kg of cabbage a day. If you want to shed extra pounds and save the result to your daily diet must contain about 4 kg of cabbage, neither more nor less.

How to cook cabbage

Ways of cooking cabbages does not affect the result of diet, but variety will help you to get through the week on this mono-diet. Can eat cabbage in raw form, can tear it into the salad and add one teaspoon of olive oil. In addition, cabbage can be put out with a small amount of carrots. In any case not to salt, pepper and sweeten your meals, otherwise the extra pounds will remain with you.