Advantages of freelancing

Independent planning of the working day. No the chiefs will not stand over me and demand to do the job with unrealistic deadlines. You can work at a convenient time – it can even be evening or weekends. Breaks can be assigned, even through each hour of work – it all depends on personal needs.

Save time on the road. In large cities just to work have to travel more than an hour, but the road back will take time. Working at home, to get started you need only to turn on the computer and connect to the Internet.

Earnings comparable the effort. Office work often involves a fixed salary and a large number of responsibilities which are constantly being added and changed. Freelancers are in control of your earnings – they know how much their work, and the need for a corresponding payment.

The lack of age restrictions. To work remotely via the Internet can people of all age groups: schoolchildren, students, pensioners. Customers online no matter of the age of the worker, if he is good job.

Disadvantages of telecommuting

Self-directed learning. Freelancing have to learn by trial and error, learning everything from experience. In the Internet you can find General guidelines for beginners, but this is not enough.

The risk of being cheated. Scammers on the Internet no less than in real life. The main thing to understand – you can not pay for any goods or services not yet received the result.

Full-discipline. Accustomed to working from 9 to 6 under the watchful gaze of the chief, it is hard to learn also hard to work at home. It does not always work hard to learn self-discipline, but with proper motivation it becomes a serious obstacle.

The need to be "universal" worker. Office work involves knowledge of a number of functions needed for a specific job. Freelancer needs to be capable of more. This is an excellent computer knowledge, oral and business etiquette, the skills of self-motivation. Freelancer you have to constantly learn new things to stay ahead of their competitors.

Realizing the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting, it is not necessary to immediately stop the office job. After tasting a freelancer, some people go into this area permanently, while others returned to their previous work.