Key features

1. Progressive programming language (C# and VB.NET) when using the object-oriented programming. Since this technology is intended for developing Windows applications, it is the most popular worldwide and on the Internet. Therefore, for developing Windows applications involved a large number of qualified professionals.

2. Optimum application development environment, debugger, accelerating the development process.

3. Methods reusable software code - custom control components.

4. For the solution of global challenges as work with databases and navigation, authorization.

5. Caching techniques, which allow to increase the efficiency of applications.

6. User-friendly technology design.

7. Embedded means for logging web applications and a session on the Web server.

8. Multilingual.

9. The best method of data access.

10. A huge number of standard objects provided by the software environment.

11. Demanding typing, reducing the possibility of creating code with errors and accelerating the performance of applications.

12. A programming model created at various events, similar to that used in creating programs for Windows.

13. The separation of software components from the visual part.

14. Integrated support for AJAX.

15. Support for many web services.

16. Productive work with all key remote servers and databases, the most used MS SQL, which is the most popular in the world.

It is obvious and not the merits of the environment Today is important, and that is why you need to choose technology