Distance learning is a great opportunity to increase their knowledge and get a degree, wherever you go: at least in the capital, even in the depths of Russia, at least abroad. Therefore, this form of training will be very convenient for persons with disabilities, young mothers, homemakers, and even soldiers. In most of the schools all-time distance learning the personal presence of the student in the University is only required to pass the state exam and thesis defense.

Reasonable cost

Generally, education through the Internet, compared to full-time and correspondence form of training, is more budget option. Some universities even provide the opportunity to receive free distance education on a competitive basis. Also this way of learning helps to avoid costs which ordinary students can not do, for example, textbooks and stationery.

A wide and calm

The Internet holds a huge amount of information, and students have the opportunity not only to correspond with the teacher, but also for video conferencing. In addition, in the virtual world, as in the walls of the Institute, written essays and tests, there are tests and exams, but without that typical student fear and nervous tension.

State diploma

If you get education remotely in the public universities passed the accreditation, you can rest assured that the diploma will not be quoted on the labour market. You will be given the same diploma as if you studied full-time or part time, and in the certificate of education form of training is not specified. Especially since we all know that employers value practitioners who do not interrupt seniority for the period of study.

Available for individuals with different levels of education

A big plus is that with this form of training you can get as the basic higher and additional or second higher education. The palette of programmes, duration of courses and qualifications is also quite rich.

Not for all specialties

This is the main minus — it is impossible to learn without practice, for example, on the doctor. So if you have a medical degree, to develop such an important and responsible profession remotely will not work. This also applies to creative fields such as acting, music education, ballet.

Personal motivation

Students in distance learning must be willing to learn. When training online instructors will not be able to control you. Therefore, this form of learning is usually enjoyed by adults and independent people who understand why they need knowledge and a diploma.

Insufficiently developed system

Distance education in Russia due to technical and legislative gaps have not yet so highly developed as abroad, the quality can sometimes give way to traditional forms of learning.