Watching employees in the office may not always create the optimal performance. The employer must understand that the main advantage of the constant presence of the worker in the office is the physical control of the staff. At the same time, the employer is forced to pay the workplace to create the conditions of labour in accordance with the Sanitary norms, it is assumed that at the end of the working day the employee is completely disabled from work problems.

What is remote work

When agreement on remote work from the employee assumes the full scope of tasks and presentation of results in the time required for the normal functioning of the enterprise. The employee plans his day's work in accordance with the physiological cycle.

When you work remotely, you must create the condition of maintaining constant communication with production. The best option will be the services of the Internet.

What activities can be done remotely without compromising the production process

One of the necessary departments of any production is accounting. The presence of the accountant in the office because of the need for primary documents. Further processing can be done in any place where it is possible to prepare the necessary forms. Obtaining primary documents may be executed via a cloud-based program, and mailing of contracts and reports.

The company lawyer also has the ability to work outside of the office. The questions legislative level can be solved in any place where there is access to normative documents. Feedback can be by Skype, email and phone.

Creating articles for print publications offline – one of the best types of earnings for a person holding a pen. The presence of the author even in the village, issuing organ, unprincipled.

Advertising Manager and marketing can work at a distance and to solve production problems without physical interaction.

For signing legal documents every remote employee has the opportunity to apply for an electronic signature, the legality of which is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Remote work is a new level of relationship between employee and employer, but the facilities it has evaluated both sides. The downside of remote working can be a risk of unfair treatment on each side, but it exists and the possibility of concluding a formal agreement.