Let's start with the fact that we will talk about the formalized working remotely attached to a specific office. Many employees have chosen for themselves this way of working. But modern programs allow the employer to monitor the activity of employee through the Internet. Although remote work is not uncommon, to start to earn is not available to all. Typically, these methods use in Metropolitan areas, but not all. The reason is that most employees do not understand the latest technologies.

Another job is to perform additional tasks. This approach does not guarantee to the standing orders and accordingly charge. Such work takes place without any contracts, and certainly not indicated in the workbook.

Examples of such earnings is: website development, illustrations, design, SEO optimization and the currently popular income - writing of informational and advertising articles, known as rewriting and copywriting.

As already mentioned, the main disadvantage of this work – no guarantees. In addition, you can run into scams that will take your article, without paying a penny. To resolve this problem, register on the stock exchanges of copywriting. But here you also expect difficulties. The first months you will be available only to low-paid orders. But when you gain rating, will be able to take decent orders.

The category negative can be attributed to working time. You will have to spend hours on performing cheap work and you don't have regular customers, to find themselves jobs. Besides, it is necessary to withstand competition from those wishing to take the order, then get to work.

The job has no such problems. The authority will always provide you a sufficient number of orders. So think whether you are ready to go through difficulty without guarantee of stable income.