The ranking of the most popular professions are headed by technical experts. In Europe, as elsewhere in the world is not enough skilled workers with a good education. Was a time when everywhere there was a shortage of managers and executives. Now in Europe, the growing level of unemployment in these areas. The labor market is crowded with servants, middle managers, and the business became a higher priority of creating high-quality products than its sales.
For many years , IT professionals, analysts, programmers, application developers and graphic designers are the most sought-after workers in all countries of the world. Although the labour sector in Europe was more or less filled, the demand remains. Do not remain without work and nanotechnology, because their knowledge is increasingly used in all areas of production.
Not only experts with higher education can count on employment in Europe. There is a tendency of development of private business, increase in the number of hotels and the expansion of tourist area. So once again in demand good professionals in the field of service. Need doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, managers, waiters, receptionists and secretaries. Due to the high turnover always need cooks, cleaners, operators of production lines and electrics.
In connection with the desire of people to climb higher on the social ladder, Europe suffers a shortage of specialists in the sphere of construction and repair. Without problems will be able to find a job architects, builders, turners, carpenters, crane operators and surveyors. However, keep in mind the seasonality of such work.
You should not care about the bread and qualified chemists, physicists, ecologists, biologists and geneticists. Europeans attach great importance to the development of the medical sphere, the search for new fuels and the desire to preserve natural resources and the environment.
At the peak of demand and the profession of logistics and marketers. However, those who are able to organize trading processes and to do research, but their skills must know foreign languages and to study the intricacies of related professions. Along with them, requires a multidisciplinary specialists in an international company - translators, secretaries, managers and executives. Demand and people who know how to audit, dealing with insurance and possess occupations from the banking sector.