French style. It is a refinement. So, should dress accordingly. Recall that the French must be a little daring. If you are going to dress in this style, you as a top it is advisable to choose blouse with frill. Not be amiss neckerchief. The resulting image should pick up a little bag and the original umbrella.

The English style. It is characterized by stiffness. If you decide to prefer a given style then you should wear trousers silk shirt. Upstairs can throw a tweed jacket. If you want to pick up a strand of pearls or a beautiful scarf.

Casual style. Pants with a formal cut wear not only to work. You can walk in them for walks and Dating. They go perfectly with a tunic top, sweater and t-shirt.

If you decide to wear a sweater, it is desirable that he was a loose-knit. A beautiful half wear classic pants with a printed sweater. If you want to look like a movie star, then you should put on the face expressive makeup. The quality of the shoes it is advisable to prefer black shoes.

Business-like style. If you have to go to the office, then it is advisable to wear trousers white shirt. If the room in which you sit, not heated, we recommend that you wear a pullover. From jewelry it is best to choose earrings with pearls.