Men's classic pants can be bought in the market or order in the Studio on individual measures. In both cases you need to take along shoes or boots that you want to wear them. If you are looking for a costume for evening events, the pant legs should form one neat crease front and rear to retreat from sole by no more than 2 see the Finished pants, bought on the market or in the store of men's fashion, it is necessary to stitch a tailor, and edge it is best to lay a bit diagonally so the front crease is not too long.
If you prefer neo-classical or casual style, choose a tapered classic pants. In this case, the leg can be short enough to show the laces on shoes. It is best to buy such pants, oxfords or other shoes with laces. This style is called European or mid-Atlantic, it is especially important in the recent years.
Classic denim pants worn two ways. In the first case, if you prefer a regular or loose fit, Trouser-legs should be slightly longer than it is for a formal suit. If you want to show yourself stylish young man, choose a slim cut, podrachivaya legs and boldly open shoes (of course, before that you need to make sure she was decent).
When choosing women's trousers leg length depends on the height of heel that you will wear them. Classical analysis is performed on the principle of "mid-heel". Therefore, the same pants cannot be worn with classic pumps, ankle boots and ballet flats in turn: for each pair of shoes needs its own length.
Flared trousers, bananas, or any other casual trousers should be flush with the surface. This style goes well with shoes with heels.
Recently came into fashion women's pants-chinos, tailored for a classic style, but slightly tapered and with a cuff at the bottom. These pants are supposed to wear with pumps or heeled sandals 5-7 cm, and they should end at the ankle. In any case, do not allow formation of folds at the ankles and knees! The same rules apply to jeans style slim and skinny.
Another simple way to determine the correct length of pants — the free style, longer leg. Accordingly, tight pants needs to be shortened. Of course, you can buy pants with a cuff, but they are not for everyone, because visually shorten the legs and make you look old.