Select the appropriate model of jeans. Men of small stature should stay on straight or tapered pants. Those who differ too thin, fit classic straight cut, and models with large pockets, visually adding to the volume. If you have been a belly, choose jeans with low waist, slightly baggy style.
Do not give up the opportunity to emphasize your strengths. Men tall and athletic may prefer straight models with low waist, balancing the proportions. Owners of a slender figure and long legs fit skinny jeans, nice tight hips.
Trying on new jeans, pay attention to length. Pants should go on the shoes, half closing the heel. Too long jeans you can tuck , especially effectively they will look great with high shoes with thick soles. But too short pants is not worth buying – they will give the impression that you just grew out of his clothes.
Pick the right shoes. In warm seasons wear jeans with loafers, in the heat of a valid flip-flops and sandals without socks. Deciding on these options, don't forget the pedicure. In bad weather wear jeans with high lace-up shoes or sports shoes. Don't wear them with classic shoes and painted models.
Complement the comfortable pants with a belt. Pick it up in tone to the shoes. The optimal choice is a belt of moderate breadth of high-quality thick leather or a good substitute. Do not buy models with flashy buckles, chains and large logos.
With jeans wear practical clothes – shirts, turtlenecks, Polo shirts. Men of small stature to withstand the whole suit in one color, choosing black pants, a thin sweater or turtleneck of the same color. Tall people can wear contrasting combinations – for example, by wearing dark blue jeans orange or grey jumper.
The combination of jeans with a blazer today is quite acceptable. Try blue or blue pants with a fitted single-breasted jacket from thin wool or cotton. Pick up a Polo shirt the right color. The people of creative warehouse can combine black or blue jeans with eye-catching velvet jacket in a rich dark hue. This ensemble can be supplemented with a shirt with cufflinks and a bow tie.