How to choose the right breeches

Breeches come in different cuts and lengths. The most important is to find a model that will be appropriate in length. If you choose pants, which will be much above the knee, they will look like a small and resemble boxer shorts. Breeches that reach mid-calf visually heavier figure and make the upper part of the thigh is massive. Perfect little breeches got close to the knee.

Some confuse breeches and pants style "Capri". These two types of clothing differ from each other. Sew Capri length below the knee, and they can be flared. Breeches always have to fit the leg.

Breeches as an element of a business suit

Breeches, which are complete with a jacket or vest, usually made of suiting shades. Under them will look very beautiful blouse or classic cut business shirt in white.

For a more informal atmosphere is perfect for a shirt or blouse in a contrasting color – red, yellow or green.

Breeches of this style should be worn with classic shoes, preferably on medium or high heel. Shoes can be black or colour matched as to Brixham.

Stylish images for each day

For informal events perfect cotton, corduroy, satin, sateen and denim breeches.

Corduroy breeches are designed for cold weather. They go well with knitted pullover, knitted sweater or turtleneck.

The boots can be worn with breeches if the shaft completely covering the exposed leg. The main rule – do not wear under pants shoes with a low shaft. Shoes, boots and ankle boots are also unacceptable. Shoes ankle will visually shorten the legs.

Cotton or denim breeches is very comfortable clothes for walking around town or trips to the country. They will look great with a bright t-shirt, denim jacket, t-shirt — "alcoholic" or with a cardigan. Under these breeches are good sneakers or loafers.

For a party or special event you can wear a satin or satin breeches. They will look elegant, if to them to choose the right top. This can be a top, blouse or shirt.

The key is to never forget that cropped pants visually heavier figure, therefore, almost always under breeches need to wear shoes with high heels. With the exception of breeches of denim. With them is appropriate to wear sneakers.