However, along with the pleasant experiences of a woman in such an interesting position should move and a lot of challenging moments. It should be remembered that pregnancy and childbirth are the most responsible moments in the life of women, because of behavior and actions at this time depends on the child's life.

It is worth noting that the first thing you need to pay attention to nutrition of the pregnant woman, which must be the most useful and at the same time safe for the fetus. We are talking about the negative impact of harmful products on the development of the unborn child. It is necessary to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, Smoking, which lead to different pathologies. This is not to fond of spicy food, sweets, fatty, smoked, salted food. Many of them can be dangerous for the life of the expectant mother and her baby.

It is best to give preference to fruits, vegetables that can be steamed or in the oven, which retains all their nutrients and vitamins. It is also necessary to include in the diet lean meat, such as chicken, rabbit, and fish in the Alaska Pollock, hake. This solution will eliminate all sorts of unpleasant consequences, disorders of the bowel and edema. It is important to choose milk products with one percent level of fat, because it is the most useful for the body and has large amounts of digestible calcium.

If a pregnant woman with edema, which bring a lot of inconvenience, it is desirable to use less salt when cooking. Still need to take control fluid, the amount of which shall not exceed one liter per day. It should be noted that proper nutrition can protect women's health and provide her baby with all the necessary for the growth of the micronutrients.

In any case, you need to replace junk food more useful and low-calorie to not have problems with excess weight after pregnancy and difficulties during the labor process. It is also important to remember that to refuse, for example, from the sweet impossible, because it will lead to depression or bad mood. So it's best to reduce the number and control the use.