How much better can a pregnant

It is a mistake to assume that a pregnant woman should eat for two. In any case the portions are not expected to increase. Special attention should be given to quantity, but the quality of food. OK, the woman who is expecting a child soon puts on 10-12 pounds. This includes the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid, enlarged uterus and a small weight gain for the expectant mother.

Doctors say that in the first 6 months caloric intake pregnant should not be increased, but after six months it is necessary to add another 200 kcal. This is because the baby begins to actively grow in the third trimester, and will need those calories.

What should be included in the diet of pregnant

The simplest way to count calories can be pre-planned menu. A woman should eat a full and varied that the kid had the opportunity to obtain all the necessary substances.

Excess weight in pregnant women cause the products are sweet, starchy and fatty and fast food. Everything is standard: we simply need to replace nutrients. For example, fat meat is replaced by a perfectly boiled chicken, Turkey, rabbit. They are rich in protein, which is so necessary for the future mother and the baby.

Twice a week the woman in position, you need to eat a serving of boiled, steamed or baked fish. Because it contains phosphorus and calcium. Fish and meat is best combined with a vegetable side dish or cereal. So it is best to digest all the nutrients.

A great alternative to sweet desserts will be cottage cheese with fruit or berries. Such treats the expectant mother will not gain extra pounds, and still get a lot of useful minerals.

Nutrition of pregnant should be a fraction, you need all the meals to be divided into 5-6 times. Then are virtually eliminated cases of overeating and strong cravings. As snacking can lay up fruit or small handful of nuts.

To avoid strong hunger, doctors recommend to consume more healthy drinks-berry fruit drinks, herbal teas, diluted fruit juice, water without gas. Drinks will help to fill the shortage of vitamins and a little to dull the constant feeling of hunger.

To make it easier to stick to a proper diet during pregnancy, it is necessary for him to go in advance already at the planning stage. Then the woman would not have any problems and the weight will be in accordance with the norm.