One of the most popular beverages, the benefits of which constantly POPs up a lot of information in a variety of dubious sources – it's wine. In the minds of people long entrenched view that the wine delicious.

There is a perception that wine has a positive effect on blood, allegedly enriching it with nutrients and improves its structure. In order for the fluid restored blood it needs to contain substances that are involved in the recovery process of blood. In wine such substances are not present. The only common feature of these two fluids are red.

Also, there is a perception that wine is rich in vitamins. But in order to get wine grape juice must be sour. Of course, in processed drink there is a certain amount of vitamins, but that is no reason to poison yourself for them. Moreover, there is an alternative – the fresh grape juice.

Another legend, which is striking in its naivety – is the presence in wine of antioxidants. Not many of those who mentions this term in the protection of drinking wine, know what this term means. And those who know will explain that fresh grape juice antioxidants, much more than in processed and fermented its equivalent. A simple example for comparison: you will not eat sour and fermented soup only for the remaining of vitamins and antioxidants.

Strong terms mesh not prepared by the consumer by its complexity and pseudo scientific. The person is not burdened with the desire to know the details. It is enough that it is useful and it is at fault. Based on partial flow information is generated the false belief. A false belief then becomes part of the program behavior. And people unconsciously absorb a narcotic poison and defends to impose false beliefs associated with this drug.

Undoubtedly, many believe that moderate consumption of quality alcohol useful. But think about it, what really carries this useful substance.