For most people subconsciously understand and need to realize their place in vertical placement of power and authority. Effective management in the field of image allows you to find a very precise location for the object that is moving. For example, a company may not claim the first place in fact, but to public consciousness and for customers it is dangerous to openly speak the truth – in this case, the trust automatically falls, no matter how nor quality has been the products of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to form the message that the company is the first in a specific area or strive to be first in service, or in some particular sector of goods, etc.

The image consists of two sides: one that forms the subject image, person or company; and second shape requirements of the surrounding space, in particular, and communication. They create important moments that make a man efficient in his sphere, and company – earning and recognised.

A good image is the fact that it should be flexible and of high quality. He needs to implement in order to be able to always change plans, or change the sequence of actions for the implementation of the image. Do not leave this process uncontrolled.

The image is extremely stable phenomenon. By and large, it depends on how the system works balances that are created in their interactions with others than from information that the image contains. That is, it created a positive initial impression if it was backed up in the future, difficult to destroy, but to ask the right communication in the future so that she is not disturbed and preserved the quality of the achieved image for years, hard enough. But there is nothing impossible. The company creates characteristic features that are supported by actions or promotions, such as charity, product presentations, participation in humanitarian actions, attracting young employees, etc. For a political campaign it is very important that the actions of the politician or party consistent with the objectives, he said and pointed to the sequence of all its actions to achieving goals.