Type figures and faces

For any type of figure and face is relevant to the following rules:

- to emphasize the waist – it will make any piece much more attractive

- the rule of opposites: for "triangular" shape to pick up clothes "inverted triangle" and so on.

The same rule applies to the type of person – for example for round faces need to choose V-neckline dresses.

The focus on the beautiful parts of the figures and Vice versa – is distracted from the less "successful", sets one tone will visually increase the height and leg length.


Most important in creation of the image is its individuality and uniqueness.

Color type

Today, there are many ways to determine your color type with the seasons. The unprepared person such gradations often cause confusion. There is a simple and available method for determining the color type according to 2 main criteria: contrast - cool or warm skin tone. Accordingly, a more vivid contrast appearance will approach the bright colors and expressive clothing patterns, soft more solid, pastel colors.


Do not try to look younger or older than your years – it will not benefit the creation of your unique image. For every age you can pick up a "flavor".


You should take into account the rules of etiquette. Dress must be given the time of day, season, rules of the dress code, as well as the events happening around. Outfit for the party is unlikely to be appropriate in the office.