The change of style and image

Unfortunately, life is not fair. Often people with bright, beautiful appearance more chances to achieve career heights and success in their personal lives than those whom nature has endowed not so much. Not by chance in certain professions, especially show business, appearance is the hallmark of man. And, if we are to change the world fails, is to start with yourself and make some effort to become more vivid.

The easiest way to make your look brighter is to find a professional stylist who would have picked up you a new image, from hair and makeup to wardrobe. Similar transformations are occurring daily on the First channel in the program "Fashionable sentence" where it is taken for true professionals, then the heroines of gear literally do not know.

If you are not able to hire a stylist, start with the basics – change your hairstyle or hair color. Consult with a master. Certainly, it will help to determine the choice.

You can also add bright accessories to your wardrobe – let it be a small part of the image, for example, a colorful silk scarf or belt, elegant brooch, beautiful jewelry. Gradually, you will like this game, you will choose a more bright things, instead of the classic black, white or beige palette. And soon, you will probably begin to notice a positive internal changes sets you up for a more positive way.

Psychological study

First you can try to master the skills of self-presentation. Create the image in my head of that "bright and successful I am." Think about what habits this man has, what kind of lifestyle is, what he likes and what not, how he dresses, where he works and so on. And try every day to get closer to that image. In addition, learn how to present yourself: watch the speech, gestures, gait and so on.

It is important to work on confidence. Still, people with low self-esteem difficult to achieve something, even having a very attractive appearance. Confident in yourself people literally attracts others and looks very impressive: as a rule, he's well spoken, straightened his shoulders, easy gait. He's not afraid to be visible and to Express their opinion.

And never forget to smile sincerely. After all, so your face is literally starting to exude positive emotion in itself becomes brighter and more attractive, regardless of what appearance you have.