Take regular physical exercises for the press. Start to do it daily, and then go to mode 3 or 4 times a week. For more comfort you can download on the Internet program different athletes or to buy the CD and doing the exercises in the company of coach on TV. Each exercise is performed for 30 times in three sets.
Direct twisting. I. p.: lying on his back on the floor or Mat, legs bent at the knees, arms bent at the elbows behind his head. Lift your upper body off the floor as possible without lifting your lower back off the floor.
Side twisting. I. p. similar to the previous. Bend one leg at the knee and lifting the torso, maximum lift knee to elbow with other hand (right elbow - left knee and Vice versa). Many people are afraid to exercise the oblique muscles because of the increase in volume of the waist, but, in fact, these muscles contribute to the formation of a muscular corset, so to do this exercise you need.
The leg lifts. I. p.: lying on your back, feet on floor, hands behind his head. Raise your legs at an angle of 45°, hold a few seconds , then lower. In a complicated second leg is also on weight, not on the ground. There is another variation of this exercise, when lifting the feet 90 degrees to the floor, you lift your buttocks off the floor. It looks like a school "birches". These two exercises aimed at the formation of the muscles of the lower part of the press.
Engage in aerobic exercise, which include running and swimming. The fact that genetically the muscle belly girls hidden under a layer of fat. It's nature intended to ensure that during pregnancy the baby in the mother's stomach was never in danger. Thus, to see the blocks, it is necessary to banish this body fat. If you do not combine them with exercises, visual stomach can seem even fatter, because the muscles will develop inside, pushing fat forward.
Eat right. No exercises will not help if you eat before bed for bucket of ice cream or a huge piece of cake. Carbohydrates in the body is quickly metabolized into fats, to drive away which is no easy task. Drink plenty of fluid, replace the sugar on protein foods and positive changes in the field of the press will not take long.