Hat knitting: a master class for beginners

Beautiful cap associated spokes, often involve the decrease of fabric for forming a rounded top. If you haven't learned to shorten the loop, a wonderful headdress can be made from a single rectangular detail.

1. Measure tailoring meter coverage head lines in the forehead and at the most prominent part of the occipital. Make measurements of the depth of future products, which will be equal to the distance from the ears to the crown.

2. Be sure to follow knitting pattern elastic 1x1 (alternating one obverse and one reverse) or 2x2 (two obverse or two reverse). Otparit the canvas, laid out neatly on a flat surface and select the ruler square with sides of 10 cm, Calculate the ranks in height and loop length on your sample – this will help determine exactly how much you need to dial loops to the bottom of women's hats.

3. Enter the desired number of the thread handles into two pressed one to another straight spokes. It is important that the rim of the headdress is well fixed on the head and it was comfortable to wear. Stacked edge of a product should be equal coverage of the head minus 5 to 10 loops (depends on the thickness of the working yarn).

4. Carefully pull out one needle from the dialing of a number and begin to knit the forward and reverse women's hat. Tie a rubber band elastic headband, 6 cm high.

5. Continue to knit the rectangle of the front surface, while its height will be equal to the depth of the cap. Perform 3-4 cm of knitting and pull through the open loop lace. Make connecting seam, turning the knitted rectangle in the pipe. You have got to associated with needles women's cap, it only remains to tighten the top, make a strong knot and tie the cord into a bow.

Helpful advice: the cap can be performed on circular needles with fishing line, then the back of the product will not be connecting seam. If you tie the high rim of the headdress, it is possible to form the lapel.

How to knit knitting lace for women's hats

Knitted hats, strapped on top of the drawstring look and defiantly stylish and functional element has the additional decorative feature. Decide with the length of the cord and dial on a straight needle the required number of loops. Remove the edge loop, perform the following front and pull through the shot.

Thus, you will knit a row and at the same time to close it. This is not too tight to tighten the loop. Dawasa cord, tighten the last loop and at the circumcision thread, leave a tail length of 4-6 cm, It discreetly straighten the cord with a hook.

How to finish knitting female cap

If perky bow on top is not your style, try to finalize the product other simple way. Close the loop the last row of the rectangular knitted details, take a connecting seam, and remove the headpiece on the wrong side.

Sew the top of the cap, then fold the opposite edge of the triangles and connect them together with several strong stitches. Remove the finished product.

You can quickly learn and shaping the tops of knitted hats based on rectangular parts cut. When davaite headdress before the formation of the crown, begin to round the canvas with ubavo loops. To do this, select the bright threads on the working row 7 phase of the same length.

If the following front row together provarite neighboring loop before each scheduled cut. Cut the cloth through range, and when the needle will remain 4 loops, pull the thread through, tighten and cut. The rest of the yarn you right on the wrong side of the knitted hats.