You will need
  • yarn
  • - spokes
  • - a tailor's centimeter
Measure head circumference with a centimeter. From the received result subtract 2 cm and type of hinges on the spokes. That is, if the head circumference is 40 cm, dial loops until you gain 38 cm, and start knitting gum. The easiest and gum is obtained by promazyvanii two obverse and two reverse loops, one by one. Knit until you do not get the elastic to the desired length.
Proceed to knitting the main part of the circle, for which you will have to share all your loops evenly on 4 needles. Depending on preferences, you can knit as front and back loops. If you want to get a striped multicolored beanie, try add new thread colors to the beginning of the new colour series started back.
Provatas 20 cm, can begin to diminish the loop, so the cap took the form and looked good. For this promazyvaya together for 2 loops at the end of every second row. Continue to do so, while on each spoke you will not have from 8 to 12 loops.
Tear off the thread from the skein, leaving about 30 cm, pass the thread a needle and pull it through all the open loops, trying not to miss any. Tighten the yarn knot on the reverse side of the hat, sew a couple of seams to eliminate the blooming hinges.
Sew the edges of the bands, decorate the hat with POM-poms, buttons, badges and other accessories as desired.