To tie the cap for my husband, knitting needles dial 98 loops, 2 of which 1 with each edge will be edge. Will knit elastic band 3X3 (alternate 3 loops facial, 3 purl) as long as the canvas will not reach 13cm in height.
After that start to decrease the loops to the hat of the village exactly on the head. To make the decrease symmetric, we note in the last row associated with colored thread every twelfth loop, beginning with the sixth (i.e., 6, 18 and so on). Now, through a number of every marked loop will purl together with the neighbouring the previous one. Such series uravneniyami will 10.
After performing the fragment binding in the front row are finished 2 loops together. Total on the needles will remain 10 loops that you want to pull, pull them to the end of the thread, which was done knitting. This end of the thread to keep long, as they will run connecting seam.
To perform the connecting seam thread should be to pass a needle with a wide eye and carefully aligning the edges of the fabric, stitch the hat.
The same cap can be linked in the children's version. Choosing needles and thread, before starting, tie binding, which I plan to knit a beanie, a test sample of 20 loops of 20 rows. This sample will help you to correctly calculate the density of stitches, or number of loops per inch of fabric.
To find out how many loops you need to dial for knitting, measure the circumference of child's head in centimeters and multiply by the number of loops in one centimeter of canvas. The height of the canvas without obavlenia for a child will be equal to the distance from the eyebrows of the child to the top of the minus 7-8cm. Distance 7-8cm will fall on subtraction. As you can see, to tie the hat on two needles, and how much joy will have your home such a gift!