You will need
  • - circular knitting needle;
  • yarn;
  • - scissors;
  • - decorative elements;
  • - a small piece of cardboard
Prepare circular needles because the cap is best knit on them. You then can always try the product in the process and adjust, if necessary (to add or subtract loops). Before you start knitting it is necessary to know the length and head circumference. In accordance with the size dial on the spokes of the desired number of loops.
Next knit elastic band: 1 front loop, purl 1 or 2 facial, 2 purl. Thus can make the entire header, or select another method. Do work elastic, about 10 cm, then lower heat on one loop on both sides and click the garter binding: facial series facial loops, purl – purl. During knitting, do the subtraction 2-3 more times in about 4-5 rows.
Finished to the desired height of the cap in this way: through all the loops pull the thread, a length of about 35 cm Tighten. Inside out sew the sides of hat or crochet needle with a free end of the thread.
Depending on who is cap, you can decorate the different elements. For example, sew around the edge or sequins make thermoapplication of rhinestones. In addition, you can associate the ears, sew the eyes, mouth and nose to get the snout of the animal.
Can also make the pompom. To do this, wrap a small piece of cardboard thread. What fluffy will detail depends on the width of the carton and the quantity of reeled yarn. Then remove the threads from the base, tie them in the middle. Do it gently. Then both sides of the cut thread. Sew pompom to his hat, puff on it.